Product Care

Our lashes are made to be worn multiple times, however the amount of wears you can get out of a pair depends on the care of the lashes.

Please follow this guideline below:

1. No Mascara, it will create build up which is hard to clean. Apply mascara to your own natural lashes before applying falsies.

2. Remove false eyelashes gently. Use your fingers instead of tweezer. Pull the strip off from the outer corners toward the inner corners.

3. Always clean the excess glue to keep them clean. Use tweezer when necessary. Soak a cotton swab with non-oil based makeup remover, gently dab it on to the bands to remove excess glue.

4. Do not wash or soak your lashes. Human hair lashes are not waterproof, they will lose their shape once they get wet. Our lashes are made either from human and/or synthetic fibers.

5. Sanitize the band by running a cotton swab soaked with rubbing alcohol over the band.

6. Store them in the container to keep the shape.