Say No To Mink

Do you know exactly where your mink lashes are coming from? Many companies that sell mink eyelashes claim their mink lashes are cruelty-free, and the fur are collected by gentle brushing. Is it true? Ask your mink lash supplier for information about where they get their fur and ask if their products are PETA-approved or if they are planning on getting the approval.

Mink are not domesticated and don’t like to be kept in captivity, they are very territorial. We doubt the way the fur harvested are ethical.

Our lashes are made of human hair and or synthetic fibers, we don’t believe in exploiting animal for the sake of beauty. To get the Mink lashes effect, go for our stacked collection. Our multi-layered lashes give you the multidimension look that you desired. Choose from natural looking lashes to dramatic ones.

Choose your false lashes wisely, don’t fall for false marketing, mink fur does not belong on your eyelids.